With the aim of not leaving this matter of paramount responsibility in vagueness and abstractness mentioned above, in mid-2000’s our organization decided to approach this upcoming need by scientific rigor and dedicated resources. In fact, we believe that a company gains the real capability to decrease its impact on environment only after having implemented procedures to gather all sensitive parameters involved, and after having developed a system to elaborate, analyze and monitor them in time.
Then, when impact on environment becomes measurable in meaningful figures, specific actions can be applied to materialize a trend toward a more sustainable business model that can be documented, communicated, and where achieved benefits can be shared.
These are the cornerstones upon our system was conceived and optimized. It is based on a range of scientifically validated principles (i.e.: L.C.A, Life Cycle Assessment) WHICH ALLOWS TO CALCULATE INDEXES to study and monitor a variety of situations where environmental impact is under scrutiny.

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