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Neos Italia: where business is driven by company values

Neos Italia is an industrial manufacturing company where compliance for quality, safety and sustainability is the core value that drives all business activities and procedures.
Advanced converting of flexible materials like nonwovens, films and composites is part of our strengths: lamination, extrusion, coating, printing, surface finishing and perforation are some of the solutions that we offer.

Since two decades our products are exported and distributed in five continents and find application as raw materials and semi-finished components in a variety of markets, for consumer and industrial disposable articles.

Our products are developed at internal R&D labs, customized by dedicated pilot equipment and manufactured by world-class production lines, engineered in-house.
Quality System is ISO9001 certified since 1998,  and business procedures are frequently audited and monitored by demanding multinational customers.
At Neos Italia, sustainability can be quantified and monitored by a dedicated system that makes measurable the impact on environment of our materials, our manufacturing activities and when requested, of our customers too..

Throughout the decades, this operating environment favored a company culture focused on continuous improvement, attitude for long-term partnership and dependability, as witnessed by highest scores repeatedly achieved in multiple independent supplier evaluation systems.

These are the reasons why global leading brands rely on us.

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